Raspberry Pi A+ with internet

Recently I got my Raspberry Pi 1 A+ and camera from Farnell. As I wanted it to be small (it will be in a case) the cheaper “A” version was a better than “B” for me. The three major differences between A and B version are the following:

  • only 256 Mb Ram
  • only 1 USB (but it is full 2.0)
  • no ethernet connector

A connection to the local subnet will be mandatory, as I want to replicate this bird cam project. So I had to figure out, how to connect my Pi to the router, and also how to keep the price low. This usually means higher hack coefficient. I came up with three solutions, and at the moment two of them all three is working. These are not my work, (I only searched and tested them) they are only put together here for make life easier for those who walk in the same shoe…

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