Be a man, build a NAS

The more I listen to the guys at BSDNow the more I start thinking about using BSD/JAILS/ZFS to solve the IT related problems that I face.

The current problem surfaced in our Advanced Optical Imaging Research Group: there was a need for a storage with fault tolerance on disk fails, and it had to be accessible around the department with Windows/Linux, and also from home.
+ it had to be cheap/free
+ low maintenance cost (time, $)
+ Gigabit fast on reads
+ TB large Continue reading “Be a man, build a NAS”


Raspberry Pi – sensing temperature

A small project, good for beginners, and can be done in 15 minutes. The Raspberry Pi as a temperature monitor using munin.

There has been a Raspberry Pi Model B in my possession for more than 1,5 years. In the early months my system administrator part was strong, so it was used as a DNS/DHCP/LAMP server with Raspbian and Arch. Later it was used as a smart extension for a HDMI capable TV with OpenELEC, but as a physicist it was not put to proper use. Continue reading “Raspberry Pi – sensing temperature”