Be a man, build a NAS

The more I listen to the guys at BSDNow the more I start thinking about using BSD/JAILS/ZFS to solve the IT related problems that I face.

The current problem surfaced in our Advanced Optical Imaging Research Group: there was a need for a storage with fault tolerance on disk fails, and it had to be accessible around the department with Windows/Linux, and also from home.
+ it had to be cheap/free
+ low maintenance cost (time, $)
+ Gigabit fast on reads
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Raspberry Pi – Center for monitoring

My previous post was about how to measure temperature using the Raspberry Pi. This time we add more power to the system, and create our monitoring center with munin. Release the crow!

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Raspberry Pi – sensing temperature

A small project, good for beginners, and can be done in 15 minutes. The Raspberry Pi as a temperature monitor using munin.

There has been a Raspberry Pi Model B in my possession for more than 1,5 years. In the early months my system administrator part was strong, so it was used as a DNS/DHCP/LAMP server with Raspbian and Arch. Later it was used as a smart extension for a HDMI capable TV with OpenELEC, but as a physicist it was not put to proper use. Continue reading “Raspberry Pi – sensing temperature”