Flash Archer C20i from factory to OpenWRT/LEDE

I had a lot of success changing the firmware to OpenWRT on multiple TP-Link devices (TL-WR941ND, TL-WR841N, TL-WR740N). With original firmware these devices are only good for home use, but are not capable of supporting 10-20 users (or even more) for example in a dormitory. They just freeze, or drop wireless users randomly. But with an OpenWRT firmware they are rock stable, even under high load. Because these devices have only 4Mb of flash and 32Mb RAM they “just work” and don’t leave any opportunity for adding extra functionality (maybe a little muninlite or tinyproxy). With lede-17.01 you even have to disable some package feeds in opkg to install packages because opkg eats too much RAM. So it was time for a hardware upgrade…

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