LabView GUI for Arduino Laser Driver

As I attend a course about LabView, I created a Graphical User Interface for the Thorlabs LDC205 Arduino controller.


Main features:

  • Cobolt 05-01 Series gen. 5 compatible. (Based on the Cobolot subVIs.)
  • Event driven (Laser On/Off; SetPower;)
  • Upates only in “Timeout Event” -> setting power is at higher priority.
  • Temperature and humidity values from the DHT22 sensor, when avaliable. (Won’t interfere with a normal Cobolt laser.)


Avaliability: As I don’t know under which license is the  Cobolt LabView package avaliable, I cannot upload the Project and the compiled application here. But if you send me an e-mail, I’ll send you the files.


Author: Gajdos Tamás

A "barefoot physicist" with some IT skills in system administration.

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