Asus Fonepad 7 (FE170CG) firmware update misery

So you bought a new phone+tablet from ASUS and accidentaly failed an update? Well you are at the right place, because I was in the same shoe. Note: This is for the WW version. If your’s is on a different SKU then you must stay on that path.

Recovery from a failed update:


  • You wanted to update from Jelly Bean (4.3) to KitKat (4.4) using an update from the asus website.
  • During the update an Error message showed up.
  • When you want to start your device it only shows an usb logo for a second.

Origin of the problem:

  • You applied the latest kitkat update on a jellybean firmware.


  1. Download the from ASUS site.
  2. Unzip the archive.
  3. Rename to
  4. Copy the renamed file to an SD card, and insert it to the device.
  5. Start the Phonetab in Droidboot by pressing and HOLDING Volume up and Power button until the menu appears.
  6. Select Recovery.

How to do a proper update to KitKat?

  1. Start from the latest Jelly Bean.
  2. Apply the first KitKat update:
    1. Rename to
    2. Copy it to the SD card.
    3. Reboot into Droidboot.
    4. Select SD Upload.
    5. Optional: Do a Wipe.
  3. Apply the next KitKat update:
  4. And so on… (or you can now safely jump to the latest one:

You can be paranoid (apply all updates in order) or semi-paranoid (apply only firs KitKat and move to the latest). But don’t skip immediately from Jelly Bean to KitKat.

What is IFWI?

Intel FirmWare Interface – a blob to load kernel. Like a PC BIOS.

About Lollipop updates

Please don’t upgrade to Lollipop yet. You might get it via OTA or via the Asus download page. But ignore it.

You will loose DualApp, the memory usage and the internal storage usage will increase.

I recommend waiting for a more updated version of lollipop (not WW_12.8.1.38 , and not WW_12.8.1.33), because you cannot downgrade!